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jetterbit 02-24-2012 12:03 PM

Rss Feed Directories List - Boost Your SERP Now!
Hello guy's

I am sharing this wonderful list of Rss feed directories in which you can submit yours sites feed url. I am sharing this list after personally using it.

So now it's your time to make most of it.

Rss feed directories:-

www.technorati.com www.rss-verzeichnis.de/anmelden.php www.newsisfree.com www.syndic8.com www.moreover.com www.feedcat.net/ www.feedage.com www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp www.rss-network.com/submitrss.php www.rssmountain.com www.aspin.com/func/addres/rss-support www.jordomedia.com/ www.realty-feeds.net/submitrss.php www.blogrollcenter.com/ www.chordata.info www.rssmad.com/ www.millionrss.com/add-my-feed.php www.feedagg.com/add_feed.php www.feedsee.com/submit.html www.rssmicro.com/feedsubmit.web www.feeds4all.com www.rssbus.com www.solarwarp.net/submitrss.php www.xmeta.net/users/ www.blogbunch.com/suggest/ ngoid.sourceforge.net/sub_rss.php www.feedsfarm.com www.educational-feeds.com/submitrss.php www.oobdoo.com/form.php www.postami.com www.rssmotron.com/feed_submission.php www.security-protection.net www.freefeedsdirectory.com/submit.php www.rssbuffet.com/submit.php www.feedmap.net/submit/ www.feedplex.com/ www.anse.de/rdfticker/addchannel.php www.rss-dir.com/submit.php www.feedooyoo.com/ref.htm www.rsspodcastdirectory.com/submitrss.php 4guysfromrolla.aspin.com www.5z5.com/Suggest-A-Feed/ rssorange.com/submit-your-rss-feed.php automotive-links.mustangv8.com/ www.goldenfeed.com/AddFeed.aspx www.balirss.com www.rss-one.com www.feedgy.com/Submit.aspx www.rssmob.com/ www.myrss365.com/submitrss.php www.feedlisting.com/submit.php

Share your experiences...............

biigbuddy 02-24-2012 04:54 PM

Thanks jetterbit
Its quiet pleasing to have this rss feed sites list. I was in search for them. Hope you carry own such meaningful posts in future too.

vascalpalli 02-25-2012 10:21 AM

Very nice list.

Rss feed submission does help a lot in improving the rankings without any doubt. Valuable list to have..


symondandrew11 03-04-2012 01:36 PM

Hello guys

I know that Rss feed link is very useful but if you want make it make more effective you must update your blog regularly and then submit your feed link to these important directories , get the desired results.

jamesthomsann 03-04-2012 02:30 PM

I am absolutely convinced with your views that if you really want to make most of rss feed link then updating your site or blog with proper content is most important.

jetterbit 03-05-2012 11:15 AM

It seems to be an active thread. James and symonds have made a valid point before doing rss feed submission we must update our site and blog with new content otherwise it will not be that effective.

rockstar 03-06-2012 10:32 AM

Thanks guys for sharing such a valuable information about Rss feed submission

jaqueslaw 03-15-2012 12:53 PM

Update your blog with the content and then do the rss feed submission for that to make the most of it..

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