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Penguin Updates Penguin Updates As in the new Google Penguin Updates. Speak now, and let us know how it’s going.
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Thumbs Up Penguin2.1 Effected the Site??? Here You Go!

An extensive view of Hummingbird and SEO
Panda and Penguin arrivals change many issues that people consider unchangeable. Many websites with bad content and very low type’s of links damaged and penalized by these two algorithms. And now, Hummingbird grasps the attention of almost every user of Internet and arises a question, did Hummingbird swallow a link building technology?

Hummingbird was not another update to any algorithm. This is the main reason for why SEO experts and internet marketing professionals now listen to Hummingbird comprehensively. This is a great adjustment behind the scene to make Google speedy and easier as successfully as possible. That is why Internet professionals seek new changes that come out unquestionably.

It is the right time to give attention to what Hummingbird means for link building issues in the upcoming days.

What is Hummingbird to marketers online today?
It is a fresh and innovative engine. It was in effect for 30 days and affects almost 90% of search results beyond doubt. The main theme of its design is to deliver more than a few relevant results to users quickly. Danny Sullivan summarizes it as Hummingbird is a new engine that built on both existing and new parts and organized in a way to especially serve today’s search demands more willingly than one created for the requirements of decades ago, with the technologies back then.

As compared to other algorithm updates, Google didn’t seem to be correcting or guiding the SEO community when they blogged about their 15th birthday when Hummingbird was announced. On the other hand, the main focus was on how they are making every user’s life better with insightful improvements of user experiences. The main improvements including:

Knowledge Graph Updates that relevant to comparisons and filters

Conversational and cross platform search

Better mobile search experience

Thus, Hummingbird is all about the user.

Did Hummingbird transform SEO perpetually?

Hummingbird is another ground-breaking step of Google to reach its goal since day one. This goal is to deliver the absolute search result to users as quickly as possible.

The main attractive issue regarding this update is to better recognition of the meaning behind search words and deliver relevant results quickly. For example, a person searches for a pizza at home might mean he is looking for a recipe, but searching pizza obviously on his phone means he needs the closest pizza joint, right now. An advanced conversational search came up too: “Having a ‘one-to-one’ with Google should also be natural mostly” (from Google’s birthday post).

This reveals that avant-garde SEO and online marketer need not change their goals even though mission critical is still the same with requirements to give audience what they are looking for, rapidly and straightforwardly.

Did Hummingbird kills link building once and for all?
No, link building is the same and alive well. On the other hand, link building definition does need to alter. Will Critchlow from Distilled says that Link building is a poor name for what we carry out currently. This is true for plentiful reasons.

Panda and Penguin was designed to penalize and discourage low quality content and low quality link building respectively. However, Hummingbird was dissimilar to those updates. Danny noted in his article in detail that PageRank is still in the same position (one of the 200 factors) that Hummingbird uses to find out search results. On the other hand, link building is altered in its utilization.

Link building is lifeless. Long live link building.

How does Hummingbird make changes in link building?
In a straight line, it changes little. However, it changes the whole thing.

Search Engine Optimization issues are used to be able to use available links and other elements to trick Google into thinking that their search website was more legitimate and helpful than it in fact was. Hummingbird makes the end users to have centre of attention on their search results absolutely. As a result, we can’t trick Google to any further extent! Google will utilize Hummingbird to notice the lack of social sharing naturally, high bounce rates, a variety of other quality signals regardless of how many links that the website owners built on their sites.

Link building always focuses on providing real value to users. Is the website worth the links holder is trying to earn? Does blasting with 1,000 potential link partners with a link request give any value? Is there any way to leverage link building to provide a good value at each step throughout the process?

It is the right time to think and create quality content that leads to authoritatively long lasting content with relevant links.

Is Google+ more important after Hummingbird?
Google+ team said it themselves as Google+. As the main social spine, Google+ has the best stuff to improve user experiences across Google. Though their team not revealed anything when discussing Hummingbird, everyone understands the connection between these two issues. Even though users of Google like Google+ or not, more significant Google+ issues are coming in future.

How should link building not alter after Hummingbird?
It is time to throw out ideas about Hummingbird as another update to link building formulas. However, it is time to update existing link building formula to safe such as 10% exact match links, 20 % partial match links and remaining 70% branded links in place of 20% exact match links, 30 % partial match links and remaining 50% branded links. The best elements of a new formula given below are very helpful to everyone to deal with link building issues successfully.

Develop good quality fresh content

Identify influencers in the main target niche

Contribute to relevant communities available online at present

Ask friends and professionals to think about sharing content on time

Have confidence in earning a bulk of natural links


Link building is always important. However, link building professionals have to avoid taking into consideration like one-size-fits-all and cut-and-dry. The right level of integration of link building and content marketing strategy never fail to give the best outcome and open up several new chances along the way without doubt.
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Great article! I completely agree with the steps described here to recover from a Penguin penalty. In my experience I have a success rate between 20-40%. If you are consistent and polite with the webmaster they will reply to you, the problem is when you cannot find any way to contact them.
Requesting link removals is a tedious task, therefore I also recommend to look for professional services.

Thanks again for this great post!
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In the world of bird photography, the hummingbird is certainly one of the most challenging to photograph. This little bundle of flying energy and it's ability to zoom and dart makes this bird one of the most challenging to photograph.
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