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Nicollettewin 01-24-2013 02:33 PM

Favorite classical romantic movies
My favorite 500 Days of Summer. In this movie Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. ...

Mamodepp 01-29-2013 02:43 PM

Here are some romantic movie which I like the most:

Kate and Leopold / Larry Crowne

Kateepark 02-03-2013 12:40 PM

Best Romantic movie I have seen in my life time is "Dirty Dancing".

CarlosamPlus 02-03-2013 05:48 PM

Best Romantic movie I have seen in my life time is "Titanic".

Nicolasone 02-06-2013 04:05 PM

I love watch romantic movie I love love story. Serendipity is my favorite. I love everything in this movie.

CarlosamPlus 02-07-2013 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by CarlosamPlus (Post 1816)
Best Romantic movie I have seen in my life time is "Titanic".

I like it and love it so much !!!

generic inks

CharlesZ 02-12-2013 01:54 PM

The best classical romantic movie I have seen in life is Monte Carlo. I haven't seen such a good romantic movie.

Murphyleen 02-16-2013 02:38 PM

Best Classical romantic movie I have seen is "Meet Joe Black". I have watch this movie more than 10 times.

Roseballx 02-21-2013 01:04 PM

Midnight in Paris is the best. This is a romantic comedy set in Paris.

ParisMurray 02-26-2013 05:38 PM

I really liked "A Walk In The Clouds" , "Millionaire's First Love".

Lindaalewiss 03-03-2013 04:20 PM

My best romantic movies of all time:
Sense and Sensibility
Breakfast at Tiffanys

Kutchers 03-07-2013 02:06 PM

Some of my favortie romantic movie
When Harry Met Sally
Pride and Prejudice

Billy 03-11-2013 01:46 PM

French Kiss is my favorite. Starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. It's funny, romantic movie.

Shamaali 03-14-2013 05:25 PM

These are some the best romantic movies I have watched:
Shakespear in Love
Heaven's Postman
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

demiCarlos 03-23-2013 11:18 AM

August Rush is a fantanstic movie, both for love and music..

ResseMurfi 03-27-2013 01:44 PM

Gone with the wind
The Pallisers
Brokeback Mountain

Kevinstv 03-31-2013 04:19 PM

For me best romantic movies are:
For Greater Glory 30 Beats
Prometheus, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted,

Edwardleema 04-03-2013 02:21 PM

Some few best classical romantic movies:
The Vow

ThierrySimpson 04-07-2013 05:45 PM

Best classical romantic movies of mine
Beauty and The Beast
French Kiss

CharlieMarlie 04-08-2013 01:21 PM

Re: Favorite classical romantic movies
Notebook and the titanic, For me nothing beats a romantic movie than these two.

Bellamymartin 04-10-2013 02:43 PM

Few favorite romantic movies are:
Your Sister's Sister,
The Woman in the Fifth

PamelaSafina 04-16-2013 06:03 PM

Here are my favorite romantic movies:
Daddy's Little Girls
The Girls

Carolsafin 04-19-2013 06:24 PM

I like
Because I Said So

Britneycandy 04-23-2013 05:52 PM

These are some favorite romantic movies of mine:
Breaking and Entering
Fast Track

Andrewstill 04-26-2013 01:51 PM

I like to watch romantic movies like:
the good german

Gibsontvz 04-29-2013 04:50 PM

Mamma Mia
The Good Shepherd
My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Shaniastreep 05-02-2013 12:27 PM

Some good romantic movie
The Girl next door
American Pie

Yellowgreen 05-05-2013 05:55 PM

I have watched these romantic movies many time.
The holiday
Stranger than fiction

Joethomascole 05-07-2013 06:18 PM

Little Children
The Fountain

Henrydio 05-13-2013 01:09 PM

Here are some favorite romantic movies:
The Illusionist

Stewardlucy 05-16-2013 02:00 PM

These are some favorite:
John Tucker Must Die
The Lake House

TomMorris 05-16-2013 04:48 PM

Re: Favorite classical romantic movies

I think is the best romantic movie in my lifetime. Not only are Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet perfectly cast as star-crossed lovers in Titanic,
but the amazing sound track is a classic!

danoctav 05-18-2013 09:00 PM

Casablanca ...

My favourite !!!

Keirabanks 05-20-2013 01:50 PM

Best romantic movie is The Break-Up

AleenCliff 05-23-2013 01:46 PM

Most favorite romantic movies of all time:
Just My Luck
Friends with Money

rallyfire 05-24-2013 12:32 PM

Gone with the wind.

MileyDiamond 05-27-2013 01:30 PM

Here are some movies
she's the man
ask the dust

SteveConniff 05-30-2013 02:34 PM

Best romantic movies:
Failure to Launch

Cooperstars 06-04-2013 06:46 PM

My bloody valentine
Wicker Park

Monicathorn 06-12-2013 05:18 PM

My favorite romantic movie is
Dirty Dancing

h3docs 06-21-2013 11:39 PM

I loved the movie 500 Days of Summer.

pvmjon 06-23-2013 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by Kateepark (Post 1814)
Best Romantic movie I have seen in my life time is "Dirty Dancing".

Thats my old time favorite movie of all time.

NicollettecanD 06-25-2013 01:22 PM

These are my favorite:
Monte Carlo
A Walk to Remember

Harrisondekker 06-27-2013 06:30 PM

My two favorite are:
10 Things I Hate About You
The Notebook

scuwalk 06-30-2013 02:13 PM

I forgot that name... Harrison ford is a pilot, get lost in an island with a woman, they fall in love????

Mrzkarolna 07-01-2013 06:06 PM

Mine would be:
Gone With The Wind
The Lucky one
Safe Haven

flysking 07-01-2013 06:24 PM

While you were sleeping - My favorite romantic movie.

Cillianwonder 07-05-2013 03:39 PM

For me it's got to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and I also loved The Illusionist.

Imangreen 07-09-2013 02:05 PM

My favorite romantic movie would be Amelie. I have watched this movie many time.

DamienKeys 07-15-2013 05:12 PM

I probably would have to say
Runaway Bride
A Walk to Remember

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